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What would you like to see in an otome? « Aksys Games Forums «

So us peeps on the Idea Factory International forum were wondering why Aksys was doing nothing in regards to otome games.  It was a mystery to us because of how everyone was suggesting a variety of games to choose from and how blatant IF was with saying how they would like Amnesia to be localized.

However, IFI member Nami pointed out to us that Aksys’s forum mod June seemed to imply that the reason why Aksys wasn’t doing anything was because they’re unsure of what the Western otome audience wants.  And that makes sense, because we keep rattling off titles we want but we don’t tell them why other than "Oh it’s a safe choice for sales!", "It’s popular among the Western audience and it has an anime!".  To be honest, I think Aksys is getting tired of hearing that because a lot more goes into the process of choosing other than that.  Directly quoting from June:

"Popularity isn’t the only determining factor when we pick games. Cost, story, content, legal issues, availability of editors, time frames, etc… There are a lot of steps and a lot of reasons behind our choices. Due to NDAs we can’t talk about anything until it’s officially confirmed; we can’t even deny. I know silence sucks, but legally we have to stay silent.  

The more (number wise, not quantity wise) people tell us what they like, the better we can gauge interest. The US market needs to tell us what they like!”

So with that in mind I created the thread linked above.  I made a set of questions to be answered concerning preferences for otomes.  With this, I hope Aksys will be able to narrow down the choices so not only does it appeal to us, but also a broader audience.  And as said by June, We read everything on this forum. We just cannot comment either way, even unofficially. So don’t worry, we see your suggestions.”

So where does that concern you?  I’d like everyone to answer the questions and post on the thread, and then share this link to others by reblogging this post and sharing through other social media outlets.  The more people, the better!

Please take the time to do this.  It may determine the next otome that Aksys releases!

ayuhime904 asked: I know I am only talking about a few of the many good points you made, but if I wrote anymore I probably could write a book’s worth so I will go for now. Thank you very much, I really enjoyed reading it! (Also, I apologize for sending this message in chunks in the askbox. Tumblr won't allow me to send you a full message because I am so new to the site)

Ahahaha you’re very welcome!  ;w;/  I am glad I provided insight and actually I’m glad you came to ask me because I haven’t done a Natsume analysis before so it was insightful for me as well!  \o/

It’s no problem, I can see that you’re very new lol.  Tumblr has a character limit on asks so that’s why you couldn’t send in full.  xD;;  Regardless I hope to talk to you again sometime~!

ayuhime904 asked: Now, thanks to you, I can at least hate it having seen the different angles of the situation (aka paying attention to logic instead of my rabid Natsume fangirl rage, lol). Also, your opinion that Natsume didn’t get the worst treatment makes sense. As much as I hate that my OTP sunk, you have a good point that it added a lot of realism to the plot, some more plausibility. Also, he really did get good treatment at the start so I guess I should be grateful for that at least.

LOL Natsume fangirl rage I laughed at that—

He really didn’t in my opinion.  The amount of NatsuEma was astounding to me lol.  But I guess in exchange for all that fun, his end was him crashing down otl.  ;w;  But glad to know reason is why you don’t like the ending! \o/

ayuhime904 asked: And all of that (sorry for the rant!) is why when I read your post a light bulb went on for me. The way you compared the different ways it could have ended makes me even more irritated about what happened in canon (not that that’s a bad thing—it fuels fanfiction plotlines!). While I disliked it for the reasons I just mentioned, but thinking about how the other scenarios could have played out and what the meaning behind them would have been puts what actually happened in much more perspective.

I agree with pretty much everything you say here LOL.  The ending does give us a lot to think and talk about (grrr! xD).  And yes the fanfictions LOL.  Ah, I wish you could’ve read what the now defunct storiesformaidens wrote for the BroCon fandom.  Such great alternate endings.  -sniffs-  ;w;d

[At least there’s the game, basically when the ending came out we all went to the game and made that our canon ending LMAO!]

ayuhime904 asked: She traded all of those memories and bonds just for a man she had no connection with. As you said, that defining trait of hers was lazily pushed aside by the author in the end so that it almost didn’t bother Ema to her core, as it would have in Season One. If Ema from Season One had seen the outcome of Season 2, I think she would be really upset. Even so, even if the author ignored it, I didn’t, and that’s why it’s hard for me to see the ending as really fulfilling to Ema.

Her reasoning - convenience over other things - is something none of us would have expected out of Ema.  She had changed over the course of the series thanks to the brothers but she had not fundamentally changed until the drastic change at the end.  Pre-end Ema probably would have chosen love over convenience, not the other way around.

Now I wouldn’t say that she has no connection with Subaru, but she definitely did not have the same amount of relationship development with him like she did with Yusuke and Natsume.  This is one of the big reasons why fans are dissatisfied with the outcome because SubaEma just does not have enough development to not be questioned.  It’s not that he wasn’t a potential outcome, but comparing him to the other two just makes you kind of wonder how he was even able to come out on top with the amount of heavy NatsuEma and how Yusuke seemed to finally be able to get a chance (because even though Yusuke was shot down before Subaru technically it can be seen as an ambiguous answer seeing as she never really answered him).

People say that success is not found without struggling.  And to be honest, I think what end!Ema did was the opposite of that.  Because end!Ema was probably tired and wanted to end the conflict, she chose the easy way out instead of struggling to clear her feelings between Natsume and Yusuke.  Would that guarantee her happiness because she didn’t struggle?  Probably not.  (Not saying she didn’t feel for Subaru either, but y’know, would’ve been nice to know the others weren’t in her thoughts either before choosing him?)

This also makes me think the authors were getting tired too, so they ended it in the most convenient way possible so they could start writing what they really wanted - Fuuto’s love story LOL (because their next series that relates to brocon basically screams Fuuto’s/his idol group’s love story post-Ema).  I feel bad for them if that was the case, but it doesn’t please me that they traded out their fans for a temporary relief.  And like you, the fans probably couldn’t ignore all the issues too (which is why many of them are not satisfied).

ayuhime904 asked: Also, on Ema’s side, I don’t think it was a true happy ending for her either. Bonding as a family was her number 1 priority. But in the end, by choosing Subaru she emotionally distanced herself; cut herself off almost completely, from all of the brothers. I noticed it in Yusuke’s epilogue, how Ema was saying she was grateful for all the good times she once had with all of them, as if it was a distant memory that just got shoved away forever, never to come back.

I think a lot of the fandom agrees that this ending was not in Ema’s best interests either.  

I like that epilogue observation.  I personally find that as symbolic to the extent of damage the ending does - not only does it hurt the brothers, it hurts Ema too.  And a lot of the brothers and especially Juli have said that the only thing they want is ultimately Ema’s happiness.  But then that observation just shows that actually, she isn’t happy.  What is supposed to be ultimate happiness is nothing but a world of pain.

ayuhime904 asked: Even if the author conveniently made everyone pretty happy in the end, (or at least seem to be on the outside) with them all accepting SubaEma, by doing that she ignored all of the hardship they had to heal to get where they were presently, and all because of that one girl. And think about it—how will they ever completely get over her? She is still technically a part of the family, so just by being there she’ll be constantly reminding them of the bad memories for a long time.

The authors also ignored the characterizations of characters.  It felt OOC for a lot of the characters to simply accept it because the lack of such a strongly opposed response - even if joking - was startling.  If some of them were less vocal I can understand (like Iori and Kaname), but that’s because they had already mostly gotten over it and accepted their stances.  Tsubaki’s reaction probably startled me the most because even though he teased Subaru, I was expecting something along the lines of dramatically crying about his whole sis-con fetish???  And he didn’t do that??  Like where’s comical Tsubaki???  I get he matured but I don’t think he matured to the point where he can’t crack a joke?  ;w;

I don’t think any of them fully got over her.  I think they just accepted it and moved on with their daily lives and used those experiences to help themselves.  What happened with Ema is quite frankly a good lesson to all of them and helped them mature.  I mean it’d probably be awkward at first but time and space is a good healer.  Kaname and Iori left and came back after about a year and when they did, they held nothing ill against her.  Even Yusuke, who will probably see her everyday at university after the ending, held no ill-will despite being hurt in such a way.  Ema’s moving out could be also seen as a good thing, for it allows the family to recuperate and accept her again.

ayuhime904 asked: Or not. Overall I think that it would have been better for the family if they had not met her at all.I know how extreme that sounds. Still, when I think, and when I read your posts, about the hearts she completely broke and of the rifts in the family that she worsened (like the already bad blood between Natsume and Subaru, and the ones she started with ones who were otherwise incredibly close, like with Tsubaki and Azusa, and Masaomi and Wataru) I can’t help but think the ending was horrible.

To be honest this wouldn’t have happened if the brothers had a sense of actual restraint. The things that happened can be attributed to how they were raised and their interaction with girls. I’m going to partly blame Miwa for this because she basically eggs on their bad behavior - it’s shown in one chapter in the light novel in the one time she comes home. To be honest she showed similarities to Hikaru at some point.

It’s also because again, they don’t see her as a sister.  It’s not so much about her entering the family it’s because when they look at her, they look at her the way a boy sees a girl he likes.  So if they had given her space, done things with her permission instead of forcing themselves on to her, actually think that ‘oh, she might not like this’ or even listen to her protests, maybe things would’ve gone a lot more smoothly.

This isn’t excusing Ema because Ema did some effed up stuff too, but we have to acknowledge that the brothers also have some fault here.  It’s pretty much everyone’s fault, even Miwa and Rintaro’s.

As for her creating problems in the relationship between Masaomi and Wataru, TBH I didn’t really see that. What I did see was Wataru slightly maturing (albeit in the most unorthodox of ways thanks to the brothers) that Masaomi had to let go a little.  Ema aided in Wataru growing up, he needed some female influence.

I think I already said this - and if not, then I will now lol - but the worsening of SubaNatsu is primarily due to Subaru.  Ema is just someone who gets thrown smack-dab in the middle of it.  It’s a one-sided hate, because Natsume obviously shows no ill intent to Subaru.  While I do think Natsume should’ve done more to try to repair the relationship I can see why he didn’t do much, especially when Subaru refused to listen to his explanations concerning why he was with Ema - I mean, what could he do if Subaru refuses to listen even for a second each time he speaks to him?  

A lot of us agree that the ending was horrible lol.

ayuhime904 asked: For a while I had this opinion that the ending wasn't just bad or poorly written (although it has those faults too) but that it was actually a very depressing ending. When I thought about it, I decided that the ending was a reflection of how horribly Ema’s presence in the family wrecked all 13 of them. As well intentioned as Ema was, and even though she did help all of them in some ways, it can’t be ignored that she hurt many of them in ways that may be irreparable, whether she did it directly

It is a depressing ending, no matter how happy it was forced to be.  The novel series gave me a bad feeling before because of the setup - no matter what, someone’s going to get hurt. And not in a pretty way either.  And lo behold, it happened.

I agree that Ema wrecked some of the brothers, especially unintentionally.  I find that most of the chiding goes to end!Ema though, since in the end her reasoning was the most flawed (I’m not gonna deny that she didn’t do some stupid things in earlier chapters but more often than not some of her stupid decisions were done in moments of not wanting to hurt a brother or because she was somewhat frightened/cornered - example being hospital room scene with a mentally unstable Iori - but the ending wasn’t even influenced by the brothers, it was all her.).

The brothers are still partially at fault though, because they couldn’t see her as a sister no matter how much she tried to revert that (exceptions being Louis, Wataru, Masaomi, Ukyo, Hikaru, and Yusuke).

[I list the above brothers as exceptions because:

Louis - Already part of Chi Protection Club.  Pretty much put himself as a brother.

Masaomi, Ukyo, and Hikaru - These three show signs of liking Ema more as a brother, but then never shows any more signs after the moments happen.  They basically get shoved in the bro section and stay there.

Yusuke - He held the feelings already prior to her entering the family and even though he had them he hid them and acted like a great brother until he confessed.  Even after said confession he still remained brotherly to the point of joining the Chi Protection Club.  Gotta applaud him for doing both at the same time.

Wataru - His ”I’ll marry onee-chan” was at best a childish phase.  It’s a lot like how when we were kids we would say we’d marry our parents.